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Svebell Smide och Design AB is a newly started company offering  manufacture of metal products according to own design combined with  customer's wishes.

The products are handmade by us here in Gällivare, Lapland,  where iron and iron ore are of great importance to society.  


Through forging and welding we want to give them  durable and traditional wrought iron products a modern look to fit today's  home and business. 

Frida Vikman

Frida has always loved interior design and designs in various forms. She enjoys creating and coming up with new ideas and solutions. Frida also has  a bachelor's degree  in entrepreneurship and innovation technology.


Tel: +46738192810


Simon Vikman

Simon has always been interested in creating and building in iron and metal. He has several years of experience in industry  and metal work. In recent years, he has stuck to forging and what can be created through forging.


Tel: +46730647633


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